Challenge Venice

The 3.8km two-lap swim is the internal lagoon in front of Venice, with calm and fast water. Early morning in June in Venice is warm and the temperature of the water will be around 22 degrees.

The first 20km of the bike course is through the Mestre area before heading ito the countryside of Venice, in “the Venice Garden”. Then there will be three laps of 46 km, totally flat and with a perfect asphalt, surrounded by beautiful Ville Venete and rivers, where it will be possible also for the spectator to follow the race from the water in a boat! There will be also some spot for spectators, close to typical Italian Trattoria, where the fans can go from Parco San Giuliano with dedicated bus, and spend part of the day watching the ride course and tasting some great Italian food. After the three laps there will be again the length of 20k to go back to the park and T2.

All the run course is the area of the Parco San Giuliano over four laps that will give the possibility to the spectators to see the athletes coming 4 times in the finish line area. The course is mostly in the asphalt with some part in unpaved road. There will be aid station every 2k on course and also some shower spot, to help in case of high temperature.


Last Update: 25. Sep 2016


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Die erste Veranstaltung fand 2016 statt.


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Veranstaltungsort Challenge Venice

Ort: Venedig
Bundesland: Venezia
Staat: Italien

Kartenansicht Challenge Venice

Challenge Venice

Orts-Informationen Venedig

Venedig ist eine Stadt im Nordosten Italiens. Sie ist die Hauptstadt der Region Venetien und der Metropolitanstadt Venedig und trägt den Beinamen La Serenissima. Ihr historisches Zentrum liegt auf einigen größeren Inseln in der Lagune von Venedig. 


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Name: Challenge Venice

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