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ITU World Triathlon Yokohama 2017 Ergebnisse - Sieg und Führung für Mola

Mola gewinnt den ITU World Triathlon in Yokohama 2017

Jetzt ist es das 2. Jahr in Folge, dass der Spanier Mario Mola den Sieg des ITU World Triathlon in  Yokohama für sich beansprucht, der Sieg ist der 2. des Saison, womit er sich ganz nach vorne im Gesamtranking katapultiert.

Der Sieg war bei einem Rennen, bei dem man nicht gerne tauschen möchte. Tagelanger Regen forderte von den Athleten viel ab. 

ITU World Triathlon Yokohama 2017 Ergebnisse
Rang Athlet Nation Schwimmen Rad Laufen Gesamt
1 Mario Mola ESP 00:18:48 00:57:36 00:30:36 01:48:15
2 Fernando Alarza ESP 00:18:42 00:57:45 00:30:26 01:48:23
3 Kristian Blummenfelt NOR 00:18:26 00:57:46 00:30:44 01:48:26
4 Henri Schoeman RSA 00:18:26 00:57:53 00:30:56 01:48:29
5 Andreas Schilling DEN 00:18:46 00:57:32 00:31:39 01:49:14
6 Rostislav Pevtsov AZE 00:18:43 00:57:44 00:31:41 01:49:25
7 Adrien Briffod SUI 00:18:39 00:57:45 00:31:50 01:49:26
8 Igor Polyanskiy RUS 00:18:23 00:57:57 00:31:59 01:49:34
9 Javier Gomez ESP 00:18:30 00:57:59 00:31:58 01:49:40
10 Gabor Faldum HUN 00:18:50 00:57:29 00:32:10 01:49:43

Alarza said, “The race was terrific for me, from the start around the first buoy I was a fighter. And then on my bike I was freezing, this water was not great for me, my feet were freezing but then I warmed up. I lost maybe 20 or 30 seconds in the second transition, but I am happy for Mario, happy for me and happy for the Spanish team. I think it was another good race.”

While the women faired the wet conditions first on the day, by the time the men lined up to take on the Japanese harbor, the rain was stronger than ever. Jumping into the water, the men did not spread out despite the longer distance. Jonathan Brownlee became the swim leader after lap one and held onto the title to exit the waters first, which was the first time for the Brit since San Diego in 2012.

Surviving the busy first transition, a large pack formed that tallied around 30 men all of which contained some of the day’s biggest names such as Javier Gomez Noya, Mola and Brownlee.

Just like in the women’s race, the wet course made for some mechanical issues for some athletes. Some men were unlucky and experienced crashes that forced them to pull out of the competition, eventually decreasing the lead bike pack down to around 20 men.

The chase pack behind, which was being led by Aussie Jake Birtwhistle, had a large gap of over two minutes that never gained.

As the lead bike pack headed close to the second transition, it seemed that it would be Brownlee against the Spaniards on the run course. However, Brownlee got caught in a bike crash right outside T2 and took him out of the running for the podium. But while many thought his day would result in a DNF, true to Brownlee fashion, he picked up his bike and ran it in to be able to finish the race. Brownlee ended up 42nd on the day, but his effort to finish showed character on his first WTS race of the season.

Once into the running shoes, certain men took off. South Africa’s Henri Schoeman, Hungary’s Gabor Faldumand Blummenfelt were the immediate frontrunners, but on the first lap, Mola picked up his pace and swifted by into first place.

He then never slowed down and never saw any threats. He carried on into the finish line to claim his ninth career WTS gold.

Behind him however was a battle going on for the remaining two medals between Schoeman, Alarza and Blummenfelt. The three took turns passing each other and eventually Alarza pulled ahead to take the silver.

While it then looked like Schoeman would take bronze after Blummenfelt held a face of struggle, he surprised even himself and sprinted ahead of Schoeman with just enough time to snag the last podium spot. Earning the WTS Yokohama bronze came as a familiar face after he stepped onto his first WTS podium at the same venue just last year.

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