https://cdn.triafreunde.com/files/triathlon_images/helveticman_schweiz.jpg HELVETICMAN TRI 113 starts in STANSSTAD tucked in the valley opposite the mountain of dragons known famously as Mount PILATUS. 2020-06-27T00:00:00 2020-06-27T00:00:00 EventScheduled OfflineEventAttendanceMode

HELVETICMAN TRI 113 starts in STANSSTAD tucked in the valley opposite the mountain of dragons known famously as Mount PILATUS. You’ll swim in VIERWALDSTÄTTERSEE then ride into the town of KERNS while enjoying rolling hills affectionately called ‘the flats’. From here you’ll continue past Alpnachersee and Sarnersee heading into the heart of the climbs.

The first loop is part way up to GLAUBENBERG PASS. This is part of a famous local cycling pass with a smooth and fast descent. When you complete the loop you’ll head back to the intersection in KERNS where you’ll turn right and head out to the second loop.

The upcoming climb takes you to the PANORAMA LOOP near the center most point of Switzerland in AELGGI. Leaving the top of the loop behind, you’ll reach the only place in the race that we ask you to slow down and follow the posted caution signs. You’ll weave down a steep, narrow descent safely reaching SACHSELN and then head back toward KERNS where you’ll then turn right onto Melchtalerstrasse.

The ride continues on a gradual ascent onto the MELCHTAL valley for approximately 8 miles (13 Km) reaching the STÖCKALP Gondola station. Here you’ll say goodbye to your family and friends as you head up the narrow road.  The last climb to the top of the gondola in MELCHSEE-FRUTT will remain etched in your memory as one of the finest as you’ll be nestled between the solitude of cliffs on a challenging vertical pitch.  Non-racers may take the Gondola up to cheer you on at T2. Here they can enjoy a hike around the lake, grab a beverage at the restaurant or breathe in the tranquility of the surroundings as you head out on your challenging run!

At first the run takes you on a loop with some rocky sections. Then it leads through the lush mountain valley of MELCHSEE-FRUTT passing through the Canton of BERN where you’ll catch a good glimpse of ENGSTLENALP. On your way back up the trail takes you back to Canton OBWALDEN where you’ll reach the highest point of the day. Continuing along the trail among impressive cliffs you’ll be treated to a stunning view of several lakes as you make your way to the finish in MELCHSEE-FRUTT.

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27. Juni 2020

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Startpunkt: Vierwaldstätter See
Ort: Stansstad
Bundesland: Nidwalden
Staat: Schweiz