Ironman Barcelona Calella The inaugural IRONMAN Barcelona will showcase a historic and culturally rich region of Spain. 2017-10-01T00:00:00 EventScheduled 40

The inaugural IRONMAN Barcelona will showcase a historic and culturally rich region of Spain. The village of Calella of the Barcelona-Maresme region, on Spain’s eastern coastline on the Mediterranean Sea,  hosts what promises to be one of the most spectacular IRONMAN race venues on the circuit.

While visiting Barcelona, there are endless activities and sights to see in this extraordinary region of the world. Exploring the exhilarating architecture of the countless World Heritage Protected buildings that span the Romanesque and Gothic and Modernisme eras will leave you breathless. The museums, cathedrals, markets, bazaars, shops and numerous walking tours will keep you busy by day, while the abundance of local and worldly culinary opportunities available will satisfy everyone’s tastes. Renowned for its beautiful beaches and lively nightlife, there's something for athletes, family and fans alike at this destination event.

Last Update: 10. Jul 2017

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02.10.2016 , 04.10.2015 , 05.10.2014

Die erste Veranstaltung fand 2014 statt.

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Der Ironman Barcelona Calella vergibt 40 Slots für die Ironman Weltmeisterschaft auf Hawaii 2017.

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Veranstaltungsort Ironman Barcelona Calella

Ort: Calella
Bundesland: Barcelona
Staat: Spanien

Kartenansicht Ironman Barcelona Calella

Ironman Barcelona Calella

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Name: Ironman

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