Challenge Brazil - Florianopolis Challenge Florianópolis was the second t race of the Challenge Family series in Latin America. 2023-11-19T00:00:00 2023-11-19T00:00:00 EventScheduled OfflineEventAttendanceMode

Challenge Florianópolis was the second t race of the Challenge Family series in Latin America. Headquartered in Jurerê International, in the north of the island of Santa Catarina, the race took place on November 29th of 2015 in the “half distance” format and a flat and fast course, which makes the race one of the fastest race in the world. The second edition of the competition is scheduled for the beginning of the Brazilian summer season when the sea is usually calm. Cycling across a smooth flat highway, while the run will take place along the tree-lined streets of the beautiful neighborhood of Jurerê International. Calm waters, flat highways and a major tourist infrastructure attract athletes from around the world to this place. As the opening of the summer season event in Santa Catarina – one of the most popular states for outdoor sports in Brazil – Challenge Florianópolis will offer mild temperatures and lots of fun for all the family and friends who support the athletes. Challenge Women and the Junior Challenge, and many other events designed for interaction among people of all ages, are confirmed in 2016.

Termin Challenge Brazil - Florianopolis

Aktueller Renntermin 2023

19. November 2023

Qualifikation / Serie / Distanz

Triathlon Serie

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Distanz / Format

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Challenge Brazil florianopolis
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Bundesland: Santa Catarina
Staat: Brasilien

Weitere Informationen zum Veranstaluntsort Florianopolis

Florianópolis is the capital of the Brazilian State of Santa Catarina. It is located in the southern region of Brazil, South-America. The city known as the Ilha da Magia (Magic Island) owns a charming natural beauty. It has about 100 beaches spread along its coastline and is the second most visited destination by foreign tourists in Brazil. In the city of Florianópolis, there is no lack of fun options for the whole family.

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