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XTERRA France Ergebnisse 2017 - Sieg für Ruben Ruzafa und Laura Philipp

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Ruben Ruzafa aus Spanien und Laura Philipp aus Deutschland gewinnen die XTERRA France Championship am Lac de Longemer in Xonrupt. Für Ruben ist es der 7. Sieg des Jahres und zeigt die Stärke des 3-maligen Weltmeisters. Überraschend ist der Sieg für Laura Philipp, die ihr Debut auf einen Crosstriathlon hatte. 

Ruzafa’s win was not easy. He gained the lead on the first bike lap after a decent swim, but Sam Osborne would not go away.  After Osborne, Bradley Weiss kept the Spanish Champion company and then Arthur Forissier took his turn challenging Ruzafa.  “I just kept my pace the whole race” said Ruben “the other guys would come up close but I did not attack.  I knew my limits and rode fast but did not want to get into a fight”.  As it turned out the others could get close but could not stay with him for long.  His bike was over 4 minutes faster than any other and he left T2 covered in mud with a healthy lead.

Ruben Razafa gewinnt XTERRA France

XTERRA France Ergebnisse 2017
Rang Athlet Nation Schwimmen Rad Laufen Gesamt
1 1 ESP
2 2 BEL
3 3 FRA
4 4 RSA
5 5 USA
6 6 ITA
7 7 NZL
8 8 ESP
9 9 GER
10 10 FRA

Brigitta Poor had an excellent race, got into second early on the bike and kept it the entire race.  Helena Erbenova just kept coming strong and finished up into 3rd after coming out of the water with a 3 minute deficit to Brigitta.  Nicole Walters had the fastest swim and was holding onto 3rdfor most of the race but Erbenova ran her down as well as Myriam “the rocket” Guillot-Boisset to take 4th leaving Walters, in her first year in XTERRA an excellent 5th.

The story was all Laura Philipp.  Second fastest swim, fastest bike and fastest run.  This created an 8 minute win in her first XTERRA and she picked one of the hardest anywhere to make her debut.  “I like riding my mountain bike but don’t really train on it as much as I would like.  The last two weeks I did spend a lot of time riding it.  I also don’t run on trails very much and this honestly was my first trail run.  My coach taught me to run like I was stepping on hot coals and it really works over the rocks and roots”.  Philipp is from Germany, speaks perfect English and outside riding and running, where she clearly is a rocket, is simply a sweet woman.  “I will go to Maui” she grinned.  From the looks of today, we have some new and very fast women coming over to challenge double champ Flora Duffy this October.

XTERRA France Ergebnisse 2017
Rang Athlet Nation Schwimmen Rad Laufen Gesamt
1 1 GER
2 2 HUN
3 3 CZE
4 4 FRA
5 5 GBR
6 6 AUT
7 7 LUX
8 8 SUI
9 9 SVK
10 10 GER
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