Xterra Switzerland Prangins

Crosstriathlon mit 1,5 km Schwimmen, 35 km Mountainbike und 10 km Laufen.

Streckenbeschreibung (auf englisch):

Trails are not disclosed before the competition day, since they go through protected areas or private parcels of land. Here are some basic informations : 

Swim: 2 loops of each 750 m long in the Geneva Lake, forming a triangle (no australian way). Exit of the lake in front of the Restaurant les Abérieux. 

Off-Road Bike (VTT): 2 loops of each 17 km long, starting from the change area. The beginning part is made of single tracks in forest with river crossing and narrow trails. The way back is made of broader tracks, allowing for more speed and overtaking. The height is reasonnable (300 m) and the whole trail does not require a high skill level.2 supply zones (food and beverages provided by Powerbar) are available, one after 8 km and one close to the change zone. 

Running: 2 loops of each 5.2 km long, starting from the change area, using the discovery trail (about 2 km on solid ground) and then forest trails and fields with around 100 m height for 10.4 km.Beverage and food supply is provided close to the change area.

Nächste(r) Renntermin(e) 2015

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28.06.2014 , 29.06.2013 , 08.09.2012 , 10.09.2011
Die erste Veranstaltung fand 2010 statt.

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Cup-Wertung / Triathlon Serie


Ort: Prangins
Bundesland: Vaud
Staat: Schweiz

Veranstalter Information

Name: Xterra Switzerland
Homepage: http://www.xterraswitzerland.c...

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Xterra Switzerland Prangins
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